Saturday, February 25, 2012

How criticism can save your job

In a world where everything will offend at least one person at some point, it is sometimes good to remember that being offended or offensive all the time isn't the way to go if you want everything to run properly (not necessarily smoothly, mind you, because criticism often ruffles feathers in a very unpleasant way) .

Criticism is necessary. It's essential. If you're so delusional that every single bit of criticism you receive makes you angry or sad, then maybe there is something wrong with you. Of course, not every piece of criticism is the same and sometimes of course your sadness/anger/disappointment is valid. But sometimes ? Not so much.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thinking positive!

Yesterday, I had to make an appointment with a guy to take a look at our entrance door, as the hinges are getting weird. Of course I had to take my keys off my coat pocket, and OF COURSE this morning The Man and I got out at the same time, he locked the door, and woops when I got home (three full hours before him) I went "WOOPS" .

I started panicking a bit as I hadn't planned for this, when I remembered "Heyyyyy I'm an adult, weee!" and sent him an e-mail, told him I would go to the Internet café, told him where it is (The Man does not have a cell phone) and parked my behind there.

Sometimes, I still panic when minor things like this happen. But when you breathe calmly for a minute and just don't let your nerves get the best of you, you can end up finding better solutions (and faster, too, maybe) in the long run.

(Says the one who did not have lunch and who would like The Man to get his behind around here quick before I eat a computer :P )

Monday, February 6, 2012

Understanding politics. Oh ?

Disclaimer : This post may seem offensive to some. Should you read until the end, you may e-mail me or comment with whatever you like, but remember I'm not out to attack anyone in particular.

(TL;DR at the end)

I think the only way I'll ever know which way to vote would be if I was either a politician's personal friend OR if I worked with them closely. When I read articles about politics or screencaps with captions and stuff, no matter where they are, people seem to think all politicians are out to get them. The thing is, I don't think that is true at all.

Now, don't ask me which side I'm on, because I'm just in my armchair. And I'm not even kidding : I have no idea as to where I am politically, because while I may have an opinion on major issues (ask me about any) , you'd have to ask me the questions to determine where I fall on the political spectrum.

It's not even that I am not interested. I am interested in politics the same way I am interested in religion : there are cultural aspects to it that are essential to the understanding of how some people and countries work.

I don't care if you have a political opinion, after all you're free to have one. Just don't shove it down my throat and we'll be fine :) . I'd rather talk about the issues at large than the politics themselves anyway.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Letting people go

Sometimes it's about a job. Sometimes a relationship. Sometimes it's a friend, or someone who is moving, or something else. But there are people who come into your life, and then at some point they may need to go. Sometimes it's not their choice, and sometimes it is.

When someone chooses to leave, most people will try and stop that person from leaving. Especially in relationships. People will try to fight, people will try to negociate. It does work at times, even though it's terrible that it takes one's will to leave to "make things right". Example : woman wants to leave a man, he promises X and Y, person wants to leave a job, boss promises a raise, you know, things like that.

But in most cases... we should not fight. We should let people go. Sometimes, they make the decision because it's the best thing for them. Sometimes, they just have to go otherwise they're doing something against their nature, their beliefs, their principles, and it wouldn't be good for them to stay.

I understand the selfish impulse to say "Please don't go!" . But yesterday I learnt, yet again, that it's better to wish someone happiness on their way out, and keep in touch even sporadically, than to have this person stay and be miserable.

I had to hold back my tears. What can I say, I'm sensitive. It would have looked silly even though I imagine I wasn't the only one feeling weird. I was ready to leave all alone when I realized others were walking in the same direction.

I feel truly lucky to be in this environment, and to have been in this environment with this person around. We need more people like this person everywhere.

If you ever read this, I have two words to say : THANK YOU.