Saturday, July 30, 2011

Facebook and its "Pink slips"

"Pink slip" on Facebook used to be something one would get when abusing a feature, such as the friending system or the inbox system. Friending was absolutely ridiculous (hmm hello "social" network) , and inboxing even more so since game developers  (who, let's not forget it, bring money to Facebook when they are successful) almost lost their FB accounts over it. Moderators from those games even got "blocked" a few times because of that.

But heh, I understand. Spam-adds and spam-inboxes were, indeed, a pain in the arse at some point. Right now they're a pain-in-EVERYTHING because the system is, to me, even worse than it used to be, but I digress :D.

I do play a lot of games on Facebook. And if you also do, you will notice that some people get really, really MAD if you do not comply with a certain etiquette for games. Yeah, games make people crazy. Lookie:

Friday, July 29, 2011

I don't need pictures of your cleavage or arse. Really.

Let's note here that, as you will probably notice here, my Facebook peeves are not only caused by Facebook, but by the users themselves (as if that was not glaringly obvious haha) .

Anyway. Maybe you have read my other posts. Maybe you have seen the links to Failbook and Lamebook. If you haven't and want to make sure you are 100% sane, go for it :D .

Example of the day... PICTURES. There are so many random creepers out there that I don't even need to scar you for life by posting a picture here. But please, people, please. Use a little common sense. What annoys me the most :

- albums filled with self portraits (that look the same)
- pictures from one's bathroom, generally on the toilet OR with toilet in the background (NOTHING sexy about this)
- pictures of money, to look more "gangsta" (major epic WTF here)
- pictures of bowel movements (eww, gross)

Well, I suppose you get the idea. I do have pics up on Facebook where I look like a dork, but I take full responsibility and wear the "Dork" badge with pride :P .

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Facebook, your chat sucks.

I know, I know, language. Sorry.

But really, it does. It used to be that you had your friends list on the right, you could easily be on or offline, and you could make the chat pop up with the list of people available on the left in a big window. A little like other IM software, except in a pop up.

And now... this sidebar that tells you everything and anything random friends are doing. And the friends list ? It shows you random people, it seems. Oh, okay. But if it was this, it would be fine, really.

No no what gets to me the most is that Facebook, in their brilliant ideas of "improving" the site, always come up with the weirdest stuff... and this time, they replaced the pop up I spoke about earlier... by transferring it to people's inboxes. Which means that you are not chatting anymore, you are basically doing rapid-fire inboxing with people.

I had not realized this fully until I started chatting with a friend on her phone the other day. My eyes were starting to hurt a bit, so I chose the "See full conversation" option, and then she asked me if we were not chatting anymore. I replied that we were, and she said that she was on her phone and the messages went straight to her inbox.

Of course I then had to double check, and, indeed, previous conversations appeared there.

Facebook, very very bad move on your part -____________________- .

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

While speaking about statuses in general...

I don't know about you, but to me, my FB status is MINE MINE MINE. Of course, like many people, I can sometimes be tempted to copy something that catches my eye. Heh, that happens to everyone I guess.

I even deleted someone once because she was posting religious statuses all.the.time. And it was all copy and paste work. I could have hidden her, but it was getting on my nerves so much that one day I knew I just HAD to do it. Of course, this only applies if you have LOTS of people on your list, for example if you play games. If your FB list only has close close friends and family, it may not be that easy.

Since I'm of the former category, I am also amused when I see people posting about political stuff or "Support our troops" messages, or ultra-patriotic stuff. Because when you have people from all over the world on your list, it can sometimes feel insulting to see those statuses... I remember deleting one guy from the US a few years ago around some election since he was so full of vitriol.

And then you have the people who have absolutely zero filter. Like the woman who cheated on her husband and wondered in a status why he was bitching about it (true story, I think I even took screencaps) .

But for the extra weird, no need to take it from me. I will show you my "favorites" , that prove that many Facebook users must have a peanut instead of a brain :P ...

Hello everyone!

Yes. I did it. Since I wanted a separate space for my random Facebook babbling, this is it. And let's start with a collection of things that probably annoy a lot more people than me : the dreaded "please copy this to your status" statuses.

Because I have a lot of people on my friends list (many of them for games) , I often see these things. And then I wonder why these people do not block "game friends" from seeing these... ah no wait that's the point. A few examples to follow, but keep in mind that they don't annoy me necessarily because I do not agree. They annoy me merely by the demand that I copy this or the suggestion that I am a heartless witch if I do not. I will comment the few I can find (there is at least twice as much in my feed every day) .