Monday, June 18, 2012

My boss really is a good sport, and the worst pick up line ever (to me)

Today was a rather good day. Apparently it's "Let's compliment her" season, or something, because just as I am doing my job it looks like my boss is spreading it around that I'm awesome, and the best coworkers mentoring me are starting to see the progress.

My boss joked that I was probably in love with one of the support people. I said "Naah, too young I guess."

Him : But he's about 40 I think;
Me : Ah, right in my age bracket! See, you're too young. Almost a baby. [Boss is turning 33 in a few days]
Him : Wait, how old are you ?
Me : Almost 29. I need them at least ten years older, haha. :P
Coworker : But who's missing out on who, heh ?
Me : *fit of laughter so bad I had to set my calling thingie to unavailable for at least a full minute to avoid scaring customers away*

Let me tell you, my boss probably thinks I'm nuts, especially when you picture the end of the day...

Him : Hey, look, UberBoss is here to remind you to stay quiet during the last 10 minutes "End of Shift" break.
Me : Do you think I could do that thing that may work sometimes ?
Him : What ? [UberBoss turns around]
Me : This *sad puppy face, UberBoss smiles*
Him : Nope, I don't think that works on UberBoss.
Me : Heh, at least one can get a laugh out of it XD .

Yeah, we're bonkers. But with moments like this I'm thinking it's just as good that I stayed XD .

Then you have the "worst pick up ever" on my way home... I get out of the métro and there are these two guys in front of me doing their thing. The shortest one notices me and motions to his friend to go ahead and he's going to talk to me.

Note : I am 100% sure this is because of my rack that's pretty noticeable especially during the summer -_- .

So he starts trying to chat me up, except I tell him "No thank you" then "I have things to do", "Someone is waiting for me at home" and then probably some unintelligible babble to get him to go away.

He wants me to take his number, and I say "No thank you" but he insists, insists. He thinks I can take it and not call him or just call him to talk on the weekends.

I go up the stairs to get out of the station and go my way, he starts following me so I think aaaaaaaaaaargh what to do ? And with my new "Work Goddess and Queen of Customer Service" (joking, but still) state of mind, I said "You offered, I said no. I do not have to, and I will not take your number."

Free at last! Or not, when I realized he was looking at where I was going, so I ducked into my favorite Chinese take-out place and took my sweet time ordering.

Whew, crisis avoided.

But what a nice day today!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

So maybe my job isn't so bad after all...

I've been at this job since October 2011 now. It almost feels like a decade. In a way, this is literally the "worst job ever" for me, because while I've had my share of little hardships here and there during jobs, they were never that big of a deal because I knew the previous positions were only temporary.

This customer service thing is more permanent than I thought. Now that I'm an official adult, I need to think of bills first, and of course, just like everyone else on the planet (except, maybe, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Hollywood people) , I can't just decide one day "SCREW THIS" and quit on a whim.

I almost did last month. I had lost hope. Customers were getting more and more on my nerves every single day, part because some of our policies don't mesh with logic, and part because some customers *do* suck major monkey balls.

And then something happened. I don't know what the trigger was exactly, but my boss had me on additional training with coworkers with a better performance (my problem is "average call duration" and I'm dragging my team down, while providing the best service with the best attitude, apparently) for a while. I'd been assigned training before and I still didn't get the hope back, but in late May, I don't know, things just... moved up.

I got my first "100 %" note in June. Last week, in fact. It's nothing, really, on the grand scheme of things. Won't get me a higher bonus (see previous paragraph) , but still, I liked seeing that look in my boss' eyes when he told me how much he likes the way I do things. Only part being I'm so good at customer service that I am too good and take too long and become a teeny tiny bit less efficient.

The point is, things are changing. Some policies are evolving and it's making my job easier. The customers can be difficult at times, but still, I am more at peace when I wake up in the morning.

Sooo... I guess I grew up ?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Kpop List (with pictures)

(sorry I haven't been so "daily" lately... it's hard to keep up and my job has been wearing me down little by little)

So, I posted a link on Facebook today because my favorite Kpop girl group EVER, SNSD (I'll always call them that hehe) . And some people I originally added because of game were happy to discover I like kpop too, so I figured it would be "fun" to make a list of the kpop acts I listen to besides SNSD. And then... well... the list DOES get kinda long.

So, here goes...

Favorite group EVER :

SNSD (and their sub-unit)

Sistar (pretty much comes second)




Brown Eyed Girls

Dal Shabet

After School (and their sub units)






Girl's Day

A Pink


miss A

Wonder Girls




Ns Yoon G (hard to find a good picture, sniff)


And then the boys...

Super Junior

And yeah, that's only Kpop, and I'm not even talking about those I haven't listened to yet.

O_O ...