Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Acceptance about who you are

Photo : Reunion Island. Found it through Google Image Search. I did NOT take this picture.

     So yesterday I had to go to the doctor again. I may have asthma... yay! Or not, depending on how you look at it. Am feeling slightly better today since I got new meds, let's just hope SOMETHING is confirmed so I can take the meds if they exist or quit my job if it turns out nothing can be done (I am kidding here. I am NOT quitting this job anytime soon) . 

     Speaking of the doctor, she said something that amused me while I was in her office. She said that in 2010 I told her I don't give a damn about my weight. I felt the need to clarify that.

     I told her it's not that I don't care at all. Sometimes, I do. But growing up I got so much mockery and stares from being fat that at some point I gave up, thought "Screw this, you don't like me like this, YOUR LOSS" and moved on. 

     I do realize that there are things I can't do "like everyone else". I can't run as fast, I can't go on certain rides in theme parks, I can't fit into certain clothes... so what ? Yes, really. SO WHAT. I am not OWED theme park rides. I am not OWED clothes because I just want them. The things I do have and can do are things I have earned.

     And being fat does not mean you can't earn the right or the money to do anything. Just means sometimes you might have to work harder for it. Can it be annoying ? Yes. Is it that bad ? Absolutely not.

     I am not saying I do not think about my health. Sometimes I do. Which is why I no longer eat "like a pig" for example. I try to pay attention but at the same time I do enjoy life as much as I can, every day, every way I can think of.

     To sum things up : just because you are fat (or something else that make people stare, mock or bully) does NOT mean you can't live a nice life and be happy. It just means that you may have to be a little more creative than others to succeed ;) .

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