Monday, August 20, 2012

Why I support LGBT rights.

The other day I had an interesting conversation with my sister. I was saying how sad I was from a previous conversation where it was clear the people involved didn't support gay marriage at all (while they're very nice people, it's still a sad thing to hear when you feel strongly about something) . She was telling me that gay marriage is a difficult topic to think about and that maybe just maybe society (as a whole, not just our country) may not be ready to think about it in the terms that are used today.

I tried to think about why *I* support LGBT rights, and then I realized why. I've been exposed to so many different LGBT people that for me, it's a part of life. It's normal. When I encounter people I don't care whether they're gay or not, because to me, it's not the summary of who they are.

It's as if saying the only thing worth mentioning about me is, say, that I like Coca-Cola... oh the horror! I shall be burnt at the stake! Everyone else likes Pepsi! I'm commiting a crime! Wait... some people like both. WAIT! Does that mean that it actually doesn't matter which one we like, as long as there are other things ? Say... someone who's nice, compassionate, who works hard, who's open-minded, who has a big heart, who's optimistic... or even the millions of other qualities people have ?

Tell you what: I don't care if you're LGBT. I care about YOU. If you're nice, I'm going to like you anyway, and we need more people "like me" to fight with you and say publicly they're proud of you. I'm proud to have awesome people in my life, some of them happen to be gays and lesbians... I just love them for who they are.

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