Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let's go on adventures!

Hello all!

So, I'm doing it again. I managed to go on a trip to London after the first epic fail, and then I noticed I could have five days off in a row if I did things wisely. Since I do have a passport now, I thought "Hey, where should I go now ?" and of course my brain decided New York is a good idea.

I'm bringing a friend this time (she actually begged once she knew where I was going, but it's good not to travel all alone haha :D ) . And talking about it with her made me think of one thing: going on adventures is a nice thing to have. Of course, not everyone can afford it, and if you can't go in a foreign country you could always go for something that's an hour away or so (especially in the US since that country is HUGE hehe) .

Of course being comfortable in one's city or appartment/house/job is important. But discovering your area, exploring, seeing new things... it often makes you appreciate what you have even more than you could ever imagine.

So go on and explore, people! Go, discover, explore, take pictures of interesting things if at all possible... Life's too short, we should all make the most of everything the world has to offer.

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