Saturday, June 16, 2012

So maybe my job isn't so bad after all...

I've been at this job since October 2011 now. It almost feels like a decade. In a way, this is literally the "worst job ever" for me, because while I've had my share of little hardships here and there during jobs, they were never that big of a deal because I knew the previous positions were only temporary.

This customer service thing is more permanent than I thought. Now that I'm an official adult, I need to think of bills first, and of course, just like everyone else on the planet (except, maybe, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Hollywood people) , I can't just decide one day "SCREW THIS" and quit on a whim.

I almost did last month. I had lost hope. Customers were getting more and more on my nerves every single day, part because some of our policies don't mesh with logic, and part because some customers *do* suck major monkey balls.

And then something happened. I don't know what the trigger was exactly, but my boss had me on additional training with coworkers with a better performance (my problem is "average call duration" and I'm dragging my team down, while providing the best service with the best attitude, apparently) for a while. I'd been assigned training before and I still didn't get the hope back, but in late May, I don't know, things just... moved up.

I got my first "100 %" note in June. Last week, in fact. It's nothing, really, on the grand scheme of things. Won't get me a higher bonus (see previous paragraph) , but still, I liked seeing that look in my boss' eyes when he told me how much he likes the way I do things. Only part being I'm so good at customer service that I am too good and take too long and become a teeny tiny bit less efficient.

The point is, things are changing. Some policies are evolving and it's making my job easier. The customers can be difficult at times, but still, I am more at peace when I wake up in the morning.

Sooo... I guess I grew up ?

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