Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weird Recipe of the Day

Hello everyone!

Today I'm going to share one of my darkest secrets. Something I cook that tastes delicious but looks utterly ugly. But it's so simple that I just... I have to tell.

WARNING: When I say "ugly" I mean... huh... kinda looks like it's going out rather than in.

1 packet of instant noodles (any flavor will do, but I generally use mushroom or beef and don't use the spicy oil)
1 or 2 eggs
1 small can of chopped mushrooms
2 slices of processed cheese

What I do :
1) Boil water.
2) Plop noodles in. Swish around until they get soft.
3) Put noodle powder, stir.
4) Add mushrooms, stir.
5) Add processed cheese, stir well until the liquid looks creamy.
6) Whip eggs in separate bowl. Add pepper to it if you want.
7) Put egg in the noodles pan (yes, for real) in a circle.
8) When the egg "rises" (and sorta looks like scrambled eggs) , stir one last time, and serve.

Takes about 5 minutes tops, if that. Not too expensive either.

If you're really hungry, you can use two packets of noodles but it makes for a huge meal so be careful. Sometimes, I also substitute liquid cream instead of cheese.

Yes, I'm weird. But this honestly tastes awesome to me XD !

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