Thursday, May 22, 2014

The best compliment one could ever pay me

Hi everyone! Yup, I'm back... sorta. The itch to write is always around, but making time to compose my thoughts and arrange them in a semi coherent manner has proven to be quite difficult. Oh well ;)

I was thinking today about compliments and things people have told me, and I think today I just found the one that kinda touched me the most. See, I've been told I am nice, beautiful, "delicious" (but the context was, ahem, particular) , and many other nice things. But these words were about who I am, either in body or in personality. So while I love hearing people tell me how much they like me (even when they don't, since having diverse opinions is good) ... it's not everything. Okay, I'll admit it, there were two exceptions: a friend told me I was a precious gift to him and my partner told me he still loved me at a difficult time and it made me cry, but you get the general idea :) .

Now there is something else I'm told quite often. It's about my English. Last time it happened, I was in a meeting with new people and we were talking in English the whole time because we were from many different places. At some point, I mention how long I have been studying English (about 17-18 years now) and a very nice Italian lady's eyes go wide and she tells me "Wait... you're FRENCH ?" , which made me smile.

Sometimes, it does sound like I brag. I'll admit it: sometimes, I do, but that's mostly because that's what I'm the most confident in. And that's my work. That's something I learnt to do. That's not something I can't control, and given the amount of work I've put in over the years in... err... things, let's just say I'm proud I managed to get to this level. 

It's so little and so big at the same time. But it means a lot. 

So to anyone who ever read/heard me and told me I have a pretty good grasp of English: THANK YOU. You have helped restore my broken confidence, and you have made me stronger because of it all.

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