Thursday, November 20, 2014

VIDEO SCRIPT - 50 Random Facts Tag

So, this is a "new" thing, but bear with me :D .

I have decided to make more Youtube videos, and after starting to follow fellow Youtuber Rikky Poynter, I have decided to provide either CC (closed caption) or full transcripts of my videos. Due to the nature of my first video for this system, it will be a full transcript.

Video here :

Hi all! I'm back for the 50 Random Facts tag!

I was sortof tagged by Rikki Poynter, and you should check her out. She's so pretty. Like, really, really pretty. *fangirl squee*

Out of respect for Rikki and hard of hearing people, and since it's my first time, you will find the complete script for the video in the description down below.

Let's go!

1) I am addicted to Vanilla Coke.
2) I am still afraid of the dark.
3) I can cook very random things that look disgusting but taste rather good.
4) I come from Reunion Island and not even French people know that it exists, let alone where it is.
5) I consider myself "mostly straight" and in the past some of my female friends freaked out at this. Come on, I'm not going to rape you. Pinky swear.
6) I love cats. I have too many cats. There's Marvin, Flora and Daenerys.
7) I started playing World of Warcraft recently. I'm still a newbie, but after years of being angry at it, I decided to give it a go... and I like it. Whoopsies.
8) A few years ago I had a cat that I named Choco because I thought he looked like a slice of chocolate cake.
9) I'm the eldest of 5 girls and lemme tell ya, this doesn't make growing up easy or quiet.
10) I spent years being angry with Apple. Then someone lent me an Iphone. I'm still mad. More than ever.
11) I now speak more English in everyday life than I speak my own language.
12) Speaking of which, I can't even watch shows or movies dubbed into my own language anymore.
13) Speaaaking of which, I can't even read a book written by an English-speaking author in anything but the original language (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, H2G2...)
14) I once broke a teeny tiny part of a foot because I had decided to wear big clunky "gothic lolita" shoes. Yet I still want to buy those shoes again.
15) I can't seem to read maps properly for some reason. Even my GPS hates me at times.
16) I once dyed my hair turquoise blue. People would sometimes tug on my hair to make sure it was mine.
17) I'm a fan of Asia. Mostly Japan and South Korea though. But still.
18) My favorite South Korean group is SNSD. Except at the moment, it's slowly shifting to AOA.
19) I read tarot cards. It's quite amazing.
20) I'm somewhat deathly afraid of driving a car due to a minor incident when I was younger. To this day I can't bring myself to get my license.
21) I tried to go on the French version of American Idol and they mocked my English (I was on TV but not for good reasons... and also, had pink hair by then haha) .
22) I'm not a makeup person. At all. Except I keep buying things and try to make myself "prettier" but it kinda never really works.
23) I keep buying high heels when I know I pretty much can't walk in them. I call that "feet jewellery" .
24) I'm addicted to Peanut Butter M&M's, but you can't find them in France. Sad times.
25) I'm so fat I can only shop for clothes freely in the US (Fashion to Figure, I love you) .
26) Speaking of the US, I'm addicted to the CVS strawberry & milk shampoo and conditioner. Yeah.
27) I started to plan my wedding. I got the dress and shoes before I even had time to figure out anything else important, like the guest list.
28) I've never been actually drunk in my life. Maybe a little tipsy, but not super mega drunk.
29) I can't live without my cellphone.
30) In fact, I can't live without my computer, either.
31) I cannot stand dark chocolate. Except in cakes.
32) My favorite anime ever is Sailor Moon.
33) My favorite TV series now include Doctor Who, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, NCIS, and more recently, Sherlock.
34) My favorite books are the Harry Potter books.
35) When I went to Japan for the first time, it took me three days to realize where I was, and then I cried from the emotion.
36) Speaking of crying, I also cried like a baby when I held my first nephew for the first time.
37) I used to have quite long hair that I had to cut because I couldn't handle brushing them anymore since my arms hurt too much.
38) I get excited when people don't understand how I can be French and speak English that way. Most recent example : Kristian Nairn (Hodor from Game of Thrones) at an anime/comics convention (love the dude. Mr Nairn, I officially love you even though I don't watch Game of Thrones).
39) I consider myself an LGBT ally and can be rather vocal about it at times.
40) My favorite color is green but for some reason, for clothing it changes to red. Or, really, the most vibrant colors I can find.
41) It took me a long, long time to be at peace with my appearance. So I like to help others get more confident now.
42) I'm still friends with all my exes (don't have that many) and all of them will be invited at my wedding.
43) The best job I ever had was working in a Disney theme park. It was the most physically demanding, but the best one so far.
44) My favorite food in the world is cheese.
45) Favorite fruit is now mango. For years it was apple, but the mango won in the end.
46) I'm amongst the people for whom cilantro tastes like soap.
47) I write song lyrics quite often and have a decent catalogue. Sadly, no music.
48) My mother once sabotaged my job search with a bridal shop because she thought I was worth more than that at the time.
49) I hope I have a Newfoundland dog one day.
50) My friends have been telling me for years that I should do phone sex to make money.

So, yeah. Bye :D !

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