Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Changing the blog a little. Again :P

Hi everyone! So today I was thinking a bit. I know, I know, many people do. But I realized that ranting all the time would not be productive, so I figured, let's shake things around a little bit.

So let's speak about Facebook games today. I have selected three that seem to be my "MUST.PLAY.NOW" games at the moment. I actually play a lot more games than that, but they can be pretty random :P .

Disclaimer : Links are generated through Adf.ly (referral link here : http://adf.ly/?id=805325 ) , a service that lets you shrink links and, for a banner or 5 seconds of advertisement, you get paid a little.

http://adf.ly/2UcgY - Restaurant City

Aim of the game: decorate restaurant and master dishes to gain experience and coins. You master recipes by getting ingredients for them, which can be a little annoying since some ingredients are very, very rare... but overall, still a fun game to play, especially since you can trade ingredients with neighbors. The big plus being that you don't need to add said neighbors manually (grr Sims Social haha) . There are tons of groups for trading ingredients, and even items. I love the community of this game.

http://adf.ly/2UchO - Bejeweled Blitz

You know the principle. Align three gems of the same shape/color or more, and have fun. This is my favorite type of puzzle game EVER, and you cannot imagine how happy I was when I finally decided to try it :D .

http://adf.ly/2UciZ - Keno

I don't really know how to explain this one. I started playing more than a year ago. You play numbers, in hopes to win jackpots and currency to buy prizes, to build up a login. Said login allows you to play for more numbers in hopes of winning more jackpots to get more currency for more prizes and higher logins :P . Pretty nice community too for the most part.

So I guess that's it for today :P . I promise to work on better content for the future :) .

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