Saturday, July 30, 2011

Facebook and its "Pink slips"

"Pink slip" on Facebook used to be something one would get when abusing a feature, such as the friending system or the inbox system. Friending was absolutely ridiculous (hmm hello "social" network) , and inboxing even more so since game developers  (who, let's not forget it, bring money to Facebook when they are successful) almost lost their FB accounts over it. Moderators from those games even got "blocked" a few times because of that.

But heh, I understand. Spam-adds and spam-inboxes were, indeed, a pain in the arse at some point. Right now they're a pain-in-EVERYTHING because the system is, to me, even worse than it used to be, but I digress :D.

I do play a lot of games on Facebook. And if you also do, you will notice that some people get really, really MAD if you do not comply with a certain etiquette for games. Yeah, games make people crazy. Lookie:

Anyway, one of the points of FB Gaming etiquette concerns the bonus that are posted to Walls. You know, that annoying spam that pops out every three seconds when you play a game (the more popular the game, the more spam you may post, it seems) . You can choose NOT to post them, but let's be honest here, some of them do give out nifty bonuses.

Except sometimes... you click on something, and poof it's gone. No way to know if it's gone or not... unless someone has commented or clicked "Like" . And guess what... FB hates it when you "like" too many things :D .

Over the past few days, I automatically "liked" about 200 or 300 games post with a special Google Chrome extension. No problem here. But yesterday was my birthday, and this morning, I went on to "like" a few comments manually... maybe about three. Or five. And guess what :D .

Block! You are engaging in behavior that may be considered annoying or abusive by other users.
You have been blocked from using the like feature because you repeatedly misused this feature. This block will last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. When you are allowed to reuse this feature, please proceed with caution. Further misuse may result in your account being permanently disabled. For further information, please visit our FAQ page. 

Ah. Here is my problem.

And then, when searching for "block" on FB, you have this gem:

Unfortunately, Facebook cannot provide any specifics on the rate limits that are enforced. The threshold at which you are warned is not a specific number, but rather determined by
different factors, such as speed, time, and quantity.

This right here is my BIGGEST pet peeve. They will not tell you how many. They will not give you any numbers. So for me :

- rapid fire liking of 100 items in a row, if not more : OKAY
- slow poke liking of 5 items in 15 minutes : NOT OKAY

Facebook, I do NOT get you. Good thing there are the games, otherwise I probably would not use it.

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