Sunday, October 23, 2011

SNSD / Girls' Generation - "The Boys"

Sooooooooo, if you know me at all, you know I really, really, REALLY adore this Korean girl group. I just could not wait for their new songs.

     I listened to both versions right when they came out (the video looks pretty awesome, woo!) and listened again this week as they started making their appearances live on music programs.

     The good news is: the first "comeback stage" (the Koreans seem to LOVE the "comeback" word LOL) ROCKED. Mostly because, unlike many live appearances on TV, you could actually hear the voices clearly. That made my day, believe or not :P ... when you look at all their live performances, it's hard to find one with clear vocals (... and "good" because let's face it, while they're talented, when you get tired and move a lot, it's noticeable) .

     So of course today I thought "Heh, I forgot to watch subbed versions" and went to look for them. At first I figured I would not need them, because the song was released in English and Korean, and usually the lyrics sortof match. First problem for me: save for Tiffany and Jessica's parts (duh) , I don't get what the girls are saying in English. 

     I have to admit I LOVED the message of the song in Korean. I also LOVED the voices, especially considering Yoona sounds excellent here AND Sunny made some progress too. 

      And then I listened to the English version. Someone was kind enough to listen and transcribe. And, well... dear SONEs of the world, I would like to apologize right now, but to me, the English lyrics SUCK. That's the only thing I can say while being polite enough. The voices are still superb, there is no problem here, but... whoever wrote those lyrics needs a smack in the head. Hard. Very, very hard.

Message in Korean: hey boys don't be scared, you can be strong, don't be afraid
Message in English: haha I know you saw me, I am HOT, oooh yeah


Yeah right. I will support my favorite group and buy their album because I am sure there's good stuff in there. But honestly, I am very disappointed in whoever wrote those lyrics. :( Thankfully, the Korean version is made of awesome, so I can listen to the girls without feeling weird.

(Sorry, fellow SONEs. At first I loved the English version but I could not understand half of it and when I realized what the lyrics actually were my jaw dropped and I couldn't pick it back up :( )

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