Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So, I took my first phone calls yesterday.

Yeah, you know, being a CSR and all... calling it that in English seems to be pretty accurate, so I think I'll just keep using it (Customer Service Representative, for those who don't know) .

(Yeah, no picture today, because... because I am random that way :P ) .

We still studied in the morning, and in the afternoon came the Big Moment. Headphones! Computers! Desks!



Yeah, that was pretty much the feeling up until I got my first call. I was nervous as heck. Good thing I have good phone behavior (and a good phone voice too, it seems, judging by my "classmates" commenting about that in training, AND a compliment I got on my third call) , because it basically saved my ass.

And then... I got that feeling again. You know the one. "Wait, what ? THIS is what almost made me sick ? Whew. I feel like an idiot now."

I may stress again a little, just for the heck of it, as time passes by and we learn more and need to answer more questions.

But I'll tell you one thing: no job is worth getting sick over. This one is no exception. And I know I won't get sick over it because it seems interesting, and I can't let anything get to me (I mean apparently customers can be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly bad, but yesterday I was spared that) so I'll just do my best.

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