Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes, it's all about thinking YOU are worth it.

Random image of kpop singer G.NA because, as much as I LOVE the group SNSD, I may or may not have a huge fangirl crush on this girl :P .

First let me just warn you that yes, I will probably use random pictures with my posts. I'm a little crazy that way :P. 

Now to today's point. As I posted the other day, I just started a new job. Still in training, and very happy about it, as I did not think I was made to be a CSR, even though destiny has apparently decided that's what my life will be about :P .

With the new job comes something I've felt everytime I had to try something new: the "OMG I CANNOT DO THIS" stress phase. You know that one. You are in training, everything goes fine, and before you actually get sent to do the job on your own, you flip out, get scared, even though it's been established that you know how to do the job and merely need to practice to feel comfortable with the whole thing.

Sometimes, it's not just even about being on a job. It can be about friendships or family things. New software, new game, new book, new adventure, it's up there in front of your eyes, and you're afraid to jump because you think you are going to fail or someone is going to think you're a failure, or some other variation of this.

If I was in front of you, I would probably either hug you or try to motivate you. YOU are worth it. YOU are a good person. Just because you've faced hardships does not mean you do not have the strength to overcome them. Just because you were or are unhappy does not mean nothing can ever make you happy. Just because you failed at something once does not mean you will always fail.

Yes, you can do it, and yes, it does get better. I have faith in you.

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