Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New blog layout

I know it may seem pointless and random to change the design all of a sudden, but I needed something colorful and "happy" for a change. Black was classic and cool, but maybe a little too cool for my taste.

I am also getting ready to go back to work tomorrow after two days of medical leave. This should be fun. Yesterday was horrible, today was slightly better, I should be able to get up tomorrow.

Also, please wish me luck: the company I work for is releasing a new product quite soon, and people are calling us more and more often about it lately, even though it's been made public that... NO ONE EXCEPT FIVE PEOPLE IN THE COMPANY knows what the offers are about.

We've already gotten calls about this... and it's amazing how people don't listen.

" - Do you have any information about the new product ?
- No, sorry. We will have to wait until the official launch.
- But do you know anything about parameters X, Y, and Z ?
- No, sorry. We will have to wait until the official launch.
- Oh, because I heard things about the product... "

*head, meet desk*

The closer we get to the final date, the more nervous I get about those calls :P ... at least when it's just a question amongst several other questions it's ok, but when you get the same question several times a day... oh well. Always answering with a smile, as usual :D .

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