Thursday, December 22, 2011

So, remember when I said I support gay rights...

Yes, I'm going there.

So, there are a few people on YouTube I really LOVE watching because they're either inspiring, adorable, extremely funny, or just a combination of various things that make them amazing.

One of those people is DaveyWavey. He is a young gay man (my age or slightly younger, actually) who frequently posts videos that may or may not be slightly naughty, and then you have the inspiring videos where he does awesome stuff that make you wonder WHY in the world some people are still homophobic.

His latest video is one more example of that. He has spoken about gay people coming out before, and just made one that young people (or even slightly older, I guess ?) can use to tell their parents they're gay if they're ready to say it but just don't know how to.

And really, when you see a young man like that, how can you seriously be so homophobic that you would hate or commit crimes against people "like him" (I hate using those words because to me, he's just a human being, just like me. And I'm a straight woman, so why should his orientation make a difference ?)  ?

Just a warning: the video is after the "cut" , but if you want to see more of what Davey has to say, let's just note that he usually makes videos without shirts. So that makes for nice eye candy :P .

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