Saturday, December 17, 2011

Writing at work

(Originally written from my workstation between calls. Yes, sometimes it is THAT slow.)

Some people might get the impression that I am slacking off. That I am lazy and doing nothing. These blog posts aren't writing themselves, haha.

But when it's slow at work, I can just write the e-mails instead of doodling aimlessly... it keeps my mind focused while I try and concentrate on the next calls.

The good thing is also that I can look up and see the sky, as we have a sort of glass ceiling above our heads. It feels pretty good at certain times during the day when a ray of light comes up.

Well... when it does come up, that is. Right now, the weather is quite rotten, with gloomy skies, wind and my worst enemy, rain. I can't even imagine what it will be like if/when it snows in Paris... last time it did in my area, one day I missed the curb and got icy disgusting water up to my ankles. You can imagine my sister's head when I went to her place for coffee that day, and asked for clean socks :P .



The phone rang earlier. Lovely woman, but when she told me her age I should have seen it coming. Oh my. 47 minutes. When my average call time should be around... 8 minutes or so. It's hard. Really hard. You try to help people and you realize early on that they don't understand a single thing you say.

I really, really hope I don't get a call like that again. She really was lovely and polite but it makes my head explode.

On a nicer note, my boss asked me for the link to this blog. I did not think twice about it and gave him the adress. Heh, why not after all :) .

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