Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nice Anecdote

For once, today, I have a nice anecdote to tell!

Yesterday I was getting out of work. It was a rather cold day and my new coat did not protect me from the rain (thankfully, it was only light).

There was a man standing outside the station with his umbrella. He called out to me politely and at first I didn't quite hear him so I was going to walk anyway, but he insisted and, in a very sweet voice, asked me where the nearest hospital was.

I live near a hospital, mind you, so for once I was able to tell him where to go. He was actually looking for the pharmacy right in front of the hospital, and asked me if I was going the same way. I was, and he nicely put the umbrella over my head, too, and we walked together for a little while.

I reached the light I had to cross and showed him where he had to go. He thanked me and wished me Happy Holidays, which I did in return as well.

It made me warm and fuzzy inside. Just one more proof that people on the street are not out to get you, and that being nice won't always take more out of your day and precious time.

I have to admit it also made me warm and fuzzy because I have a reputation for being horrible with directions. This is no joke. I can't even read maps most of the time (I can't tell you the number of times I got confused and lost time because of it, even though I'm getting better). So being able to help someone AND actually knowing what I'm talking about feels GOOD.

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