Wednesday, July 27, 2011

While speaking about statuses in general...

I don't know about you, but to me, my FB status is MINE MINE MINE. Of course, like many people, I can sometimes be tempted to copy something that catches my eye. Heh, that happens to everyone I guess.

I even deleted someone once because she was posting religious statuses all.the.time. And it was all copy and paste work. I could have hidden her, but it was getting on my nerves so much that one day I knew I just HAD to do it. Of course, this only applies if you have LOTS of people on your list, for example if you play games. If your FB list only has close close friends and family, it may not be that easy.

Since I'm of the former category, I am also amused when I see people posting about political stuff or "Support our troops" messages, or ultra-patriotic stuff. Because when you have people from all over the world on your list, it can sometimes feel insulting to see those statuses... I remember deleting one guy from the US a few years ago around some election since he was so full of vitriol.

And then you have the people who have absolutely zero filter. Like the woman who cheated on her husband and wondered in a status why he was bitching about it (true story, I think I even took screencaps) .

But for the extra weird, no need to take it from me. I will show you my "favorites" , that prove that many Facebook users must have a peanut instead of a brain :P ...

And there is much, much more. Thank goodness I do possess the brain to status filter :P .

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