Friday, July 29, 2011

I don't need pictures of your cleavage or arse. Really.

Let's note here that, as you will probably notice here, my Facebook peeves are not only caused by Facebook, but by the users themselves (as if that was not glaringly obvious haha) .

Anyway. Maybe you have read my other posts. Maybe you have seen the links to Failbook and Lamebook. If you haven't and want to make sure you are 100% sane, go for it :D .

Example of the day... PICTURES. There are so many random creepers out there that I don't even need to scar you for life by posting a picture here. But please, people, please. Use a little common sense. What annoys me the most :

- albums filled with self portraits (that look the same)
- pictures from one's bathroom, generally on the toilet OR with toilet in the background (NOTHING sexy about this)
- pictures of money, to look more "gangsta" (major epic WTF here)
- pictures of bowel movements (eww, gross)

Well, I suppose you get the idea. I do have pics up on Facebook where I look like a dork, but I take full responsibility and wear the "Dork" badge with pride :P .

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