Thursday, July 28, 2011

Facebook, your chat sucks.

I know, I know, language. Sorry.

But really, it does. It used to be that you had your friends list on the right, you could easily be on or offline, and you could make the chat pop up with the list of people available on the left in a big window. A little like other IM software, except in a pop up.

And now... this sidebar that tells you everything and anything random friends are doing. And the friends list ? It shows you random people, it seems. Oh, okay. But if it was this, it would be fine, really.

No no what gets to me the most is that Facebook, in their brilliant ideas of "improving" the site, always come up with the weirdest stuff... and this time, they replaced the pop up I spoke about earlier... by transferring it to people's inboxes. Which means that you are not chatting anymore, you are basically doing rapid-fire inboxing with people.

I had not realized this fully until I started chatting with a friend on her phone the other day. My eyes were starting to hurt a bit, so I chose the "See full conversation" option, and then she asked me if we were not chatting anymore. I replied that we were, and she said that she was on her phone and the messages went straight to her inbox.

Of course I then had to double check, and, indeed, previous conversations appeared there.

Facebook, very very bad move on your part -____________________- .

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