Thursday, September 15, 2011

Facebook and their ads :D (re: "fashion" )

Today, of course, between the job fair I was supposed to go to (I went, more on that in another post haha) , I was geeking away on Facebook and since Adblock was giving me too many problems, I disabled it and have the pleasure of seeing Facebook ads again. So I give you something that strikes me as rather "funny" , if not "completely deranged and offensive" ... an ad for a clothing website!

Now, let me tell you about French fashion a little bit. Or rather, let me just tell you that, while we surely have our version of "white trash" , most websites, while they can have semi-sexy to super sexy clothes like in Victoria's Secret (I almost get a nosebleed everytime, yeah... sorry) , are nowhere near as... well, they're not what I'm seeing on this website. I'll show you.

I've been on those websites to buy clothes: , , , , and these are just the beginning.

Example of something I find rather nice, that can look sexy or professional depending on what you pair it with :

And then you have... ugh. This.

It strikes me as funny because the Facebook ad reads something about things being "fashion" (yeah, for some reason, French borrowed words from English and made them into adjectives, a dress can be very "fashion" or very "style" -yes, really) and usually, something being "fashion" means that it's, well, fashionable and stylish.

Well if that's the case, French women are turning into sluts, according to this website :D (wait, they mention "sexy" too, but to me there is a difference) . I am not even talking about the clothes only, but the poses and the pictures too. A few examples: Notice how the link says "elegant" O_O . WTF. This IS categorized as a dress, people. THIS. :(

You can explore the rest yourself. The skirts section clearly showcases butts, and then there's boobs with the dresses and tops, and and... well you probably get the point.

Tell you what... this is one of the moments when I am HAPPY to be fat and overweight. I am not the ugliest person on earth and can look just fine in a teeshirt, jeans and my red pair of Converse, but I am so glad I cannot dress like this :D ...

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