Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A new Facebook copy and paste that has me go "WTH"

So no one forgets: Don’t buy the new Pepsi can coming out with pics of the Empire State building and the Pledge of Allegiance on them. Pepsi left out 2 little words in the pledge "Under God." Pepsi said they didn't want to offend anyone. So if we don't buy them, they won't be offended when they don't receive our money with the words "In God We Trust" on it. ~ How fast can u re-post this..

come on everyone...lets ALL repost!!!

Soooo... as previously mentioned, these things drive me batty. This one even more so. Newsflash: not everyone believes in God, and those people should not have God shoved down their throats at every occasion. I could bet atheists will happily buy those cans... even though I prefer Coca-Cola, even I would buy Pepsi to support this move.

I understand why the word are written on the actual currency, although I think that in this day and age it's a real eyesore to have it shoved in my face everyday... (no I am not from or in the US but I still have 1 dollar bills in a cup in my living room, very visible haha) .

I am not saying people should not trust. Although if it were up to me, I would only say "Don't trust so blindly or so fully" . Question things. Think for yourself. Don't turn to a book or a priest for every single occasion. It's exactly as if I was taking life advice from Harry Potter or the Narnia books (well, Narnia HAS a religious aspect to it... yup, look it up, Aslan is a sort of God and, well, when you read the books you get the religious undertone :P) , except Jesus apparently existed. As to who he really was, well, I have no idea.

What's funny is, while I sort of consider myself atheist, I still like churches. Well, most religious buildings anyway. But the old ones, the ones in which you can also almost smell the history. I guess that's what religion is, to me: a part of a cultural history that I would not like to miss.

Some people like to ignore religion entirely. I don't. I like to know some stuff, about various religions, first because of the cultural and historical aspect, and then because it helps understand people who are actually into it. Besides, there is no point saying X or Y sucks if you don't know ANYTHING about it, right ? Oh wait, tons of people do that everyday, but I like to get some more info before I say anything. For example, when I tell you Twilight is good in principle but actually terrible because the writing sucks, it's because I have read all books, yes yes even the extra thing... why I tortured myself until the end I don't know, but it must be because when I start something I generally like to know the end, so yeah.

To sum things up: Pepsi, I love you. Can they do dollar bills like that too ? Plzkthksbye :P .

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