Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well, THAT was surprising, but very refreshing!

Yes, a new tag.

... No, I'm not crazy.


Now that I got out of the way... remember that job fair I posted about ? The one with guys and weird shoes and girls in party clothing ? I saw a French ISP there, they offered an interview on the spot.

The interview was on Thursday (22nd). First we had a test with 40 questions to reply to (including things like "If I am with ISP 1, can I use the POP settings of ISP 2" or "What is a DOS attack ?" which made me laugh because in French "dos" is "back" and the first possible answer was "An attack in your neighbor's back"). Apparently they wanted to see if some of the candidates could end up technical hotliners :P .

I ended up with a group of three people, but one guy left early because he realized he'd been told incorrect things about the job openings. He thanked them for their time (two charming ladies were interviewing us) and they apologized for someone else's mistake.

Then had a test (other applicant and I played customer/CSR and said applicant told me I sounded awesome) . And then my personal interview. They liked my little CSR roleplay, they liked my attitude, and they seemed to like me in general. We may never become best buddies, but I felt it had gone very, very well.

They told me they'd reply soon because training start date is October 3rd. I did not expect an answer soon, to be honest,  because there were at least 15 applicants that day, and I was thinking maybe they'd seen more people earlier.

Long story short, I got an e-mail Friday morning to tell me that I did, indeed, get the job. Full time permanent position (most coveted type of contract in the French private sector, hard to explain) ... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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