Friday, September 9, 2011

Job search annoyance

I know, I know, right now it looks like no matter where you go, most job seekers will tell you it's really really hard to find any jobs. First because you don't find any openings you might reply to. Then because when you do, not easy to get an interview.

And then because even after getting an interview that goes over very very well, and hearing that you have a very strong file... the company either hires internally, or hires someone else, or some other thing.

Example. Yesterday, my recruitment agency called me, saying they had a temp job for me, Mid-September/December or, at worst, October/December. Since I do, after all, want to work and need to, I happily accepted. The agent was supposed to call his client back with my info and call me back this morning to confirm start date.

Guess what happened ? Well, this time, the poor agent seemed to be trembling (for some reason, sometimes I can feel things in people's voices) when he told me that his client had actually found "another solution" for the two job openings that had been left until yesterday.

I cannot complain about it. No one discriminated against me (that I know of). No one deprived me of hard-earned earnings. Yet it feels as if, everytime this happens, the sting goes deeper and takes longer to heal.

I will continue to work on myself, and I will, of course, continue to look for work, but this is about the 10th time something like this is happening (although this was the closest to a job offer I've been since January) and it gets really frustrating.

Let's cross fingers though. My life won't end now, thankully, but I hope some fairy from above notices me and gives me a teeny tiny bit of luck on that side :P .

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